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Access Softek and its clients saw our highest usage in history this week, as Economic Impact Payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic began to roll out across the country.

Your financial institution might be one of those experiencing this massive increase in online and mobile banking usage. If your members are logging in repeatedly to check their balance, or if they are asking you how to make the leap from in-person branches to digital banking, then read on! Access Softek has a few recommendations for making the best use of your banking resources during this historically busy period.

Alert members to alerts

If you support alerts, consider marketing this great feature this week. Members can set up a real-time balance increase alert, preventing the need to log in frequently. Alerts are also a “sticky” feature that help create and keep active, involved members, so they are an excellent step for newer digital banking users.

Make it easy for newbies

For members who are new to mobile banking, we provide helpful tools to guide them through their first mobile banking app sessions.

  • ​Our pre-enroll screens (or the "What's New Introduction") provide a quick, high-level guide of the app.
  • Customizable footers explain a page’s options. 
  • "How it Works" widgets can provide more detailed explanations of features or workflows.
  • Users can receive balance alerts and more on the go with in-app SMS alert sign-ups.

These tools also showcase the other great features your institution provides, so they do double duty as attractive educators long after stimulus funds are deposited.

Fight scams with education

Scammers are out in force, so educate your members about the social engineering scams that are out there.

We recommend communicating baseline facts to members, including:

  • The official stimulus payments program name is Economic Impact Payments, and anyone using another name might not  be on the level.
  • Never pay upfront to get “financial relief.”
  • Never give out account information to unsolicited parties.
  • Use to ensure the legitimacy of your chosen charity.
  • No private student loan company will forgive student loans.

To safely communicate this information, take advantage of secure messaging within online and mobile banking. You and your members are also more secure with innovative security features like real-time fraud monitoring, advanced login alerts, breached credential detection, and biometric call center authentication.

Tomorrow's digital banking habits are built today

Extraordinary usage rates in these unusual times give you the opportunity to expand your digital service, encouraging behavior that will have long term benefits for both you and your members. We believe that the digital habits users acquire now are likely to stick, so help build great habits with great banking software.

We wish you continued health and safety during this challenging time.

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