Can Financial Institutions Make Meaningful “People-to-People” Connections Through Digital Channels?

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  • Can Financial Institutions Make Meaningful “People-to-People” Connections Through Digital Channels?
  • Posted by: Larry Blaney, SVP Revenue

Access Softek’s Video Chat humanizes the customer experience, with access to live experts, digital signatures and call back functionality.

Everyone video chats these days. Is it just trendy and timely, but will it transform financial services? Access Softek’s Video Chat humanizes the customer experience, with access to live experts, digital signatures and call back functionality. Here’s how.

Years ago, I went to a semiconductor seminar hosted by Phillips Electronics. They showed a chipset solution that would compress high definition video into smaller encrypted segments so video could be transmitted over lower bandwidth networks. This was the beginning of video streaming, and would change the future of TV, movie rentals social interaction and more.

Apple made video conferencing very available and convenient with FaceTime – an app so accessible and understandable that grandparents use it to visit with their grandchildren across the country without any technical assistance. Interestingly, the global rollout of 5G speed coincided with the pandemic, facilitating the use of video chat to connect a distributed workforce and world.

There’s no doubt that the events of the past year have made digital connections a necessity in all facets of life, particularly in financial services. In an insecure world, customers need to have access and control over their finances. And newer users as well as the tech savvy now expect high touch service in a contactless world.

Video Chat technology is being embedded into digital banking applications, allowing members to visit virtually with experts at their financial institutions, get their questions answered, and access virtually every service without ever leaving their home.

The customer experience is seamless. After logging in, the customer clicks on the department or service they’re interested in, and are connected with a live agent. The agent appears full screen with the ability to view the customer’s screen. The technology also allows for the customer to reconnect with the same agent at a different time, eliminating the frustration of repeating their issue to another agent.  

Going Beyond Seeing to Solving

Access Softek’s Video Chat goes beyond simply connecting customers and agents visually, taking the customer experience to the next level by:

Providing Guidance and Assistance

Video Chat allows the customer to share their screen with an agent who can help them quickly and easily resolve their issue. The agent can also guide them through a process or explain how a feature of the mobile application works, and can support the completion of the customer’s transaction.

Satisfying Customer Needs and Operating More Efficiently

The live agent can suggest additional products and services to the customer, taking them directly to the services in the app. And because Video Chat allows for digital signatures, the customer can apply for loans or other services via the Video Chat session.

Easy Access to Experts

Video Chat makes it possible to connect customers to the experts they need – personal bankers, mortgage advisors, commercial bankers, wealth advisors, wire services, and really anyone in a customer support role – when they need them. No appointments necessary, no waiting on hold, no trips to the branch. It’s like having a subject matter expert in your pocket.

Helping Wings Financial Credit Union Elevate Service and Efficiency

Wings Financial Credit Union has a technologically-savvy membership who loves the on-demand nature of Video Chat to serve their needs and get their questions answered – fast. “Video Chat allows us to direct members to different areas of the website, and do what we do best – which is giving great service,” explains Ruth Gruenwald, Mortgage Servicing Manager at Wings. “Our members love the real time and having access to information without having to call in and wait on hold. And that goes to one of our core values of efficiency across the credit union.”

Video Chat is just one of the solutions in our suite of Conversational Banking services – helping you serve customers better, easier, faster and more efficiently.

Interested in learning more about how Video Chat can help your financial institution? Request a demo to see Video Chat in action.

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Larry Blaney, SVP Revenue
Author: Larry Blaney, SVP Revenue
Larry joined Access Softek as SVP Revenue in 2017. Formerly a co-founder of Digiliti, a fintech startup focused on mobile, commercial deposits and prepaid solutions, Larry grew the venture to a leading partner with 500+ banks and credit unions within five years. He previously served as EVP Sales with Richardson, achieving 3x revenue growth over six years.