Access Softek to resell DeepTarget’s integrated targeted marketing solutions for MFM and Orpheus

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  • Access Softek to resell DeepTarget’s integrated targeted marketing solutions for MFM and Orpheus
  • Posted by: Maddie Greene

MADISON , AL (March 15, 2017) — DeepTarget Inc. today announced a new reseller partnership with Access Softek, provider of a premier mobile-first omnichannel digital banking platform that encompasses mobile and online channels, online account opening, and lending. The partnership enables Access Softek to resell DeepTarget products to financial institutions in order to deploy targeted, personalized marketing within Mobile Finance ManagerTM (MFM) and Orpheus, their innovative mobile and online banking solutions. 

This builds on an earlier foundation where both companies worked together to integrate DeepTarget’s digital marketing solution within Access Softek’s banking platforms.

“We can’t be more pleased with our results from DeepTarget Mobile and our Access Softek MFM mobile banking app,” said Delynn Byars, Senior Vice President of Marketing – First South Financial Credit Union. “In January, we received over 500,000 views and 850 unique clicks proving that our marketing and sales strategy for our mobile channel member engagement is a huge success.”

Financial institutions collect huge volumes of customer data that can be effectively utilized with the right solution to provide individual consumers with offers for what they need, when and where they need it. DeepTarget Mobile integrated with Mobile Finance ManagerTM(MFM) from Access Softek allows financial institutions to not only extend their marketing campaigns to the mobile banking environment, but to ensure that messaging is highly targeted and relevant. Banks and credit unions can now leverage Access Softek’s mobile banking platform with DeepTarget’s superior digital marketing capabilities to offer targeted ads with pinpoint precision in a way that’s never been possible before. Targeted offers delivered through mobile banking, the channel with the highest rate of engagement, reach consumers wherever and whenever they make financial decisions. The data bears this out with one credit union enjoying click-through rates over seven times the industry standard.

“For the last 16 years advertising has become increasingly effective as it shifts from broadcast to targeted ads,” said Chris Doner, CEO of Access Softek. “Building on this important trend, our partnership brings a new level of precision targeting to financial institutions’ ad campaigns by combining the big data held by core systems, the sophisticated analytics of DeepTarget and the pinpoint precision of Access Softek’s mobile banking ad delivery.”

In addition to MFM, DeepTarget OLB will be integrated into Orpheus, the next generation of online banking from Access Softek, to provide targeted offers to consumers. Benefits of DeepTarget within mobile and online banking include the ability to identify consumers nearing their credit limit and automatically send an offer for an extension if appropriate.

“We are extremely excited that Access Softek has chosen to resell our products to their customer base enabling these financial institutions to increase loan demand, raise product adoption and make informed decisions through insightful metrics,” said Preetha Pulusani, CEO, DeepTarget Inc. “Using data analytics, DeepTarget enables marketers at these banks and credit unions to deliver unique, personalized and targeted messaging to individual consumers leading to concrete, measurable results. We also see successful financial services organizations using DeepTarget to increase and improve customer communications consistently across digital channels.”

California-based Access Softek was the first vendor to offer a unified platform of mobile banking, online banking, and online lending. Its innovative digital banking software keeps over 400 credit unions and banks ahead of the technological curve with a competitive advantage by offering the security they need and features their customers and members want.

DeepTarget helps hundreds of financial institutions increase the number of qualified product leads resulting in increased loan demand and other banking product adoption. Offering enhanced personalization capabilities, rule-based customer segmentation and targeting, and automated response and tracking tools, DeepTarget powers a banking enterprise with a single digital marketing platform used across channels such as online banking, email, and web marketing solutions.

Demonstrations, Pricing, & Availability 

DeepTarget’s OmniEngagement Cloud, DeepTarget Mobile and DeepTarget OLB are available for demonstration and purchase by customers of Access Softek by contacting VP of Business Development Mark Barish at You may request a personal demo and take a sneak peak of the DeepTarget OmniEngagement Cloud 1 here. DeepTarget’s OmniEngagement Cloud is available as a software subscription (SaaS). It may be purchased as an annual subscription, with monthly pricing based on utilization requirements. To learn more about our DeepTarget Partner program, email us

About DeepTarget Inc.

Today, hundreds of credit unions and banks across the country are using DeepTarget solutions. By automating the use of customer information, these intelligent cross-selling and customer engagement solutions deliver targeted product offers and pinpointed one-to-one messaging to millions of their banking customers. Digital channels such as mobile banking, online banking, web and email engage banking customers in a seamless communications experience, wherever, whenever and however they bank. Actionable analytics enable financial institutions to make informed decisions and drive measurable, positive result that drive success – in accelerating cross-selling, promoting product adoption, increasing loan demand and income. To see more proven successes, please visit the DeepTarget website.

About Access Softek

Access Softek provides financial institutions with innovative online and mobile banking products with secure, rich functionality. The company’s history of mobile banking firsts includes the first app-based mobile banking, first web-based PFM, and first triple play of app, WAP, and SMS banking. Since 1986 they have continued to unveil cutting-edge industry firsts to over 400 bank and credit union customers and to develop both custom and turnkey mobile solutions out of their Berkeley, California headquarters. For more information about Access Softek visit our web site or contact Maddie Greene .


Author: Maddie Greene