Access Softek Partners with Allied Payment Network to Offer Mobile Photo Bill Pay Solution

  • Posted by: Maddie Greene
Allied Payment Network

FORT WAYNE, Ind., August 06, 2013 - Allied Payment Network, a provider of online bill payment services to the financial industry, today announced a reseller partnership with mobile banking software provider Access Softek. The partnership will introduce Allied’s Picture PayTM mobile bill pay solution to Access Softek’s more than 350 bank and credit union customers nationwide.

With Picture Pay, mobile banking users can make a payment by simply taking a picture of any bill with their smartphone and entering the amount and payment date. Access Softek will integrate Allied’s Picture Pay into its Mobile Finance Manager product, which includes standard banking options as well as innovative features like P2P transfers via PayPal, true real-time mobile deposits, and geo-targeted ads.

Access Softek anticipates continued broad adoption of the mobile channel — surpassing online banking — as a result of continual new technologies that inspire consumer use and loyalty. It has strategically partnered with Allied based on the company’s proven success in driving financial institutions’ mobile banking adoption rates through consumers’ use of Picture Pay.

“Picture Pay pushes the financial industry toward the mobile banking tipping point, where mobile banking’s value to end users surpasses online banking,” said Chris Doner, CEO of Access Softek. “Mobile technology is as significant a financial trend today as ATMs and online banking once were. Since mobile banking already has the advantage in hardware — GPS, camera, accelerometer and more — the faster we enrich the software with exciting new features like Allied’s Picture Pay, the faster we reach the tipping point.”

“Partnering with a leading mobile banking software provider like Access Softek provides millions of mobile banking users with the added convenience of paying a bill right from their smartphone,” said Ralph Marcuccilli, president of Allied Payment Network. “Our goal is to help financial institutions offer their customers simple, innovative mobile solutions because the faster users can do more in mobile than they can do online, the sooner mobile is going to become the predominant banking channel for the majority of consumers.”

About Access Softek

Access Softek has provided innovative mobile banking solutions with secure, rich functionality since 2004. A co-founder of the mobile banking trend, Access Softek was the first to release a downloadable mobile banking application and continues to unveil cutting-edge industry firsts to over 350 bank and credit union customers. Since 1986 the company has developed both custom and turnkey tech solutions out of its Berkeley, Calif. headquarters. For more information about Access Softek visit

About Allied Payment Network

Allied Payment Network is a visionary and innovative company that applies emerging bill pay technologies for the financial industry and its customers. The company was created to make the bill paying process easier and more convenient for the consumer, and more efficient and cost effective for financial institutions. With its solution, Picture PayTM, whose imaging software is powered by Mitek’s Mobile Photo Bill Pay technology, Allied has pioneered the first mobile point, shoot and bill pay application for smartphones. For additional information on how Picture Pay is enabling financial institutions to more successfully promote mobile bill pay to their customers and members, visit

Author: Maddie Greene