Access Softek and Santa Claus Announce Technology Partnership

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The North Pole, December 23, 2020 – Access Softek and Santa Claus announce a partnership that safely and innovatively allows children to visit with Santa this holiday season. Santa Claus, working with credit unions who have the latest in video chat technology, will be able to hear youngsters convey their Christmas wish list (despite sometimes questionable behavior) while maintaining CDC health and safety standards.

What follows is an unedited transcript of our interview with Santa:


Interviewer: What are the advantages of video chat for you?

Santa Claus: The elves are obsessed with TikTok. When I am away, all the elves do is make dance videos for TikTok. All the elves are trying to be ‘TikTok famous’. This way I can visit with the children AND keep an eye on the elves.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to work with credit unions?

Santa Claus: They have the best technology and my primary relationship is with Wings Financial Credit Union.

Interviewer: Why did you open an account at Wings CU?

Santa Claus: Well, I couldn’t find a credit union called ‘Hooves CU’ ho ho ho. Seriously though, Wings was started to support the flying professionals like me. They allow me to connect to my money from literally anywhere in the world, 24-hours a day with their robust mobile banking app.

Interviewer: What did you require from the video chat solution to replace your in-person appearances?

Santa Claus: Security. When a little one tells me what they want for Christmas it’s a secret. We need terrific security in our video chat to make sure their present is a surprise for everyone else.

Interviewer: What concerns do you have about the video chat?

Santa Claus: The elves are rascals and may videobomb the chats. Otherwise, I have no concerns at all! Video chat is the perfect solution for 2020!

Interviewer: Why did you partner with Access Softek?

Santa Claus: Access Softek is a great company. Highly innovative, like my elves. The company is also steady, like my reindeer. Its financially strong and independently-owned, not backed by venture capital or private equity investors who are always looking to sell their companies. And their CEO, Chris Doner, shares my snow-white hair and charm (and may be related to Donner).

[Noise in the background and Santa can be overheard saying “Go away! I don’t want to dance in your TikTok video.”]

Interviewer: Will you also be partnering with the big international banks? 

Santa Claus: Definitely not. I am a credit union fan. Most people don’t know this, but I founded the first credit union for elves and reindeer about 40,000 years ago. People were living in caves. Rudolf was our CFO because he was able to do the books at night.

Interviewer: Everyone knows you deliver technology to kids, but tell us about your use of technology.

Santa Claus: The elves are wrong when they say Santa is a luddite. I am always on my phone and we invented advanced robot automation in our toy manufacturing workshop years ago. Plus, how do you think I keep in touch with the Elf on the Shelf? My phone and tablet, of course. This is the first year we have needed video chat. Fortunately, new technology comes easily to our elves.

Interviewer: What are your long-term plans for incorporating new technology into your organization?

Santa Claus: Our partnership with Access Softek will keep us at the forefront of new technology and keep the elves busy and out of trouble.

[Noise in the background and Santa can again be overheard saying “Rudolph, enough with the cute cat videos!”]

Interviewer: Santa, is there anything else you would like to add?

Santa Claus: Yes. Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas!


About Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a legendary character who is known to fly around the world the night on Christmas Eve or during the early morning hours of Christmas Day fulfilling on his mission of bringing gifts to children everywhere. Santa’s magic sleigh is led by a team of eight (or nine depending on the weather) flying reindeer. Santa lives and is headquartered at the North Pole where he leads a countless crew of tireless elves in his toy manufacturing workshop. For more information, please email

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