Access Softek Adds AI-Enabled Agent Advisor to Live Chat Solution

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Berkeley, Calif., February 23, 2021 – Access Softek, Inc., an omnichannel digital banking platform provider, announced the launch of Agent Advisor, the latest feature of its Live Chat solution.


Agent Advisor utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize customer queries submitted via live chat and immediately provides auto-populated responses that call center staffers can push to the customer.


Using AI, Agent Advisor fosters faster and more accurate service, which ultimately turns into customer loyalty down the road. This solution strikes the prefect balance between technology and personal interaction in order to create strong, trusting relationships.


Regardless of a staff member’s level of experience, Agent Advisor ensures the FI’s staff is equipped to share the most relevant and accurate information with the customer,” said Chris Doner, founder and CEO of Access Softek. “Our solution reduces costs associated with operating the call center and saves time for staffers working to troubleshoot customer challenges. Furthermore, FI’s can leverage Agent Advisor to share new information to contact center staff, such as promotions and special offers, easing the way internal communications can be facilitated.”


In addition to speed and efficiency, Agent Advisor also promotes accuracy and consistency across all chat interactions. Agent Advisor works alongside FI staff to streamline query responses rather than take the place of the staffer. AI and staff work together to enhance the experience of everyone involved in the chat and turns every contact center agent into an expert.


Agent Advisor is the newest feature of Access Softek’s Conversational Banking solution, which offers Video Chat, Live Chat and Chatbot products for banks and credit unions, allowing them to continually humanize their connection with customers through digital channels.



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